Why was Students for Life Action launched?

Young people are the pro-life movement’s most powerful asset. Students for Life of America has been building the infrastructure for national outreach for the last 14 years, training more than 100,000 student activists and supporting more than 1,250 groups in all 50 states. Students for Life Action was launched to deploy these energetic, passionate young people to the front-lines of the battlefield, where the abortion industry has identified they are the most vulnerable — state-level politics. Students for Life Action empowers and utilizes our pro-life movement’s best, untapped resource — an army of young people across the nation — to pass legislation and ensure key state political victories to make abortion unprofitable, restrict abortion, and prepare for a post-Roe America.  Our strategy is simple: Elections. Laws. Leaders.

Our Mission

Students for Life Action trains and mobilizes the Pro-Life Generation to impact public policy and influence key elections to restrict and abolish abortion state by state.

Meet The Team

Kristan Hawkins


You’ve probably seen Kristan on TV or at speaking at a pro-life event. Her trademark accessory is her bullhorn. Her passion to influence the political process developed shortly after learning about the tragedy of abortion and never stopped.

Titus Folks

National Campaigns Advisor

Titus mobilizes pro-life students across the nation to make an impact in local and national elections by educating voters on where political candidates really stand on abortion. 

Matt Lamb

National Coordinator

Matt doesn't just want to run a marathon in every state, he wants to abolish abortion in each state as well.

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