December 8, 2022

Demand Planned Parenthood be defunded by using our form to urge your Governor to act today!

We need your help to demand your state leadership defund Planned Parenthood!

The Biden administration has promised to ramp up federal funding of Planned Parenhtood, reversing the work President Trump did to protect preborn babies. Without an ally in the White House, we must take the fight to the states!

Although abortion is now illegal in some states after Roe v. Wade was reversed, the majority of states still give women legal access to abortion. With chemical abortion pills available by mail, Planned Parenthood is effectively turning every home, apartment, and dorm room into an abortion facility.

As Pro-Lifers we know the truth! Planned Parenthood abuses our tax funds by:

· Selling aborted babies’ body parts for profit

· Performing dangerous, experimental gender-selection abortions

· Setting abortion quotas for their facilities

Not to mention that over 90% of pregnant women who walk into their facility receive abortions.

Abortion kills children and it harms women and families. Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about women or children, they care about profit. Our hard-earned tax dollars should never be used to fund Planned Parenthood.

Demand Planned Parenthood be defunded today by using our form to email your Governor to act today!