February 28, 2023

Stop the ERA: Email Your Member of Congress

The abortion lobby is trying to bring back the “Equal Rights Amendment” or as we call it, the “Everything Related to Abortion” amendment. This measure is NOT about equal rights or equal pay (already required by law), the ERA is simply a Trojan Horse for taxpayer funded abortion on demand and all kinds of procedures that relate to “sex.”

The Abortion Lobby won’t tell you that “Sex” doesn’t mean today what it did 100 YEARS AGO when the ERA was first discussed, and that’s going to lead to many lawsuits and forced taxpayer funding of all kinds of sterilizing and life-ending surgeries and drugs.

Hearings are expected soon on this terrible idea.

Please email your U.S. Senator ASAP to demand that they VOTE NO on S.J.Res.4  and email your U.S. House Representative to VOTE NO on H.J. Res. 25. These measures seek to force acceptance of a Constitutional Amendment event even though ERA supporters missed TWO deadlines to get it done.

Here’s just a few reasons why we must oppose the ERA today!

  1. ERA will actually HURT women by wiping out all kinds of laws set up to specifically help them.
  2. Those laws will be wiped out because ERA says there can be no favoritism in the lawby sex,which may have made sense 100 years ago, but today there is a framework of laws protecting women and their unique interests.
  3. Hundreds of laws would be impacted, and it won’t help law enforcement focus on crimes against women.

The Equal Rights Amendment is nothing to do about equal rights and everything about abortion, that’s why we call it the “Everything Related to Abortion” act.

Please contact your members of Congress right away – the vote is coming soon in the Senate!