January 9, 2023

Contact Legislators to End Abortion in Nebraska!

It is time to end abortion in Nebraska and we need your help! Please contact your legislators today to tell them to support legislation to protect children from the moment of conception.

Abortion ends the lives of innocent babies without a voice and harms women and their families!

Unfortunately, even pro-life legislators are receiving pressure from pro-abortion groups to weaken a potential bill and exclude some preborn babies from protection. Tell them you demand #ProtectionAtConception!

Abortion is an act of violence that ends a unique, human life every single time. It is truly the greatest human rights injustice of our time. 95% of biologists, including pro-choice ones, agree that human life begins at the moment of fertilization – when the sperm and egg unite and create a genetically distinct human being.

Nebraska has nearly 2,000 abortions annually. Each of those abortions ended a unique human life, worthy of love and respect, and entitled to life and to be treated with dignity. We’re activating students and supporters of the preborn across Nebraska, and we need your help!