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Join your State Squad.

  • Get exclusive training opportunities and be the first to receive updates on legislation in your state and on Capitol Hill.

  • Learn how you can speak up anytime legislation is introduced in your state or in Washington, D.C. that furthers the abortion industry’s agenda or stops it as well as how you can assist with local efforts to stop an abortion facility from opening or closing one down in your community.

  • Find how you can participate in state and national campaigns to elect pro-life leaders and pass pro-life legislation.

Apply to be Students for Life Captain.

  • Recruit others to help you make phone calls, send text messages, and door knock in the Fall 2020 #VoteProLifeFirst Campaign. Organize lobby days with other pro-lifers at your state capitol and implement projects to reduce abortion numbers in your state. 

  • Receive personal mentoring and career counseling; custom jacket and business cards; and an all-inclusive trip to Washington, D.C. to participate in the June 2020 Students for Life National Leaders Collective weekend. Captains also receive financial compensation for students recruited to participate in the #VoteProLifeFirst door knocking and are eligible to apply for paid, part-time jobs with Students for Life Action.

Sign Your Student Group as a Patriot, Stars, or Stripes Campus Squad. 


  • Campus Squads commit to hosting #VoteProLifeFirst phone and personal texting banks on their campus, participate in on-campus #VoteProLifeFirst tabling displays, and will recruit members to participate in door knocking weekends in Fall 2020.

  • Campus Squads receive dinner provided to group members during phone and texting banks, free tickets and free hotel rooms to the 2021 National Pro-Life Summit and March for Life, and all-expenses paid to have national pro-life leaders speak on their campus.

Joining takes less than a minute but will empower you to save thousands!




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