• Matt Lamb

Massachusetts Students for Life Push Back Against RU-486 Abortion Drugs On Campus

The Massachusetts legislature wants to flood college campuses with dangerous RU-486 abortion drugs. They want to follow the lead of pro-abortion states like California and have young, college girls take RU-486 chemical abortion drugs and endure an abortion in their college bathroom or dorm room.

But pro-life students in Massachusetts were not going to let this happen without a fight.

Students have sent nearly 180 e-mails as well as making calls to Massachusetts legislators to push back on H3841 and make sure that the dignity of women and preborn babies is respected.

The campaign against RU-486 drugs states, "RU-486 is a dangerous drug, forcing women to spend hours in agony as they wait for the abortion drug to "work”…ending the life of their child. Furthermore, the public health risks are high, as many of these toilet-bowl abortions will take place in dorm bathrooms or other bathrooms on campus. Women deserve better than RU-486 abortion drugs."

Titus Folks, National Campaigns Advisor for Students for Life Action thanked the students for their great work.

"We will continue to fight in every state to stop the abortion industry's agenda. RU-486 abortion drugs have no place on college campuses. Just like we did in California, we will make sure that the truth about chemical abortion drugs is known to politicians and we will hold them accountable for what they are doing."

House Bill 3841 is still pending, so the students will continue to push back against RU-486 on campus.


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