• Matt Lamb

Pro-Life Champion Andy Biggs Warns About Nancy Pelosi's Latest Abortion Funding Plan

Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ), a pro-life champion, joined Students for Life Action last week for the first Pro-Life Generation virtual townhall.

Congressman Biggs warned pro-lifers that Speaker Pelosi is still trying to force more abortion funding on the American people, including through recent coronavirus legislation.

You can watch the full townhall below:

Biggs also praised President Donald Trump for pushing through solid, pro-life, federal judges who respect the law as written.

He noted that to prepare for a post-Roe America, we have to start building a good safety net now, and preparing to prohibit abortion in each state.

You can help take action against Speaker Pelosi's plan to increase funding for abortion by sending a quick e-mail using our Digital Action Center.

Rachel Summa, Government Affairs Fellow for Students for Life Action thanked Congressman Biggs.

"Congressman Biggs has been a champion for the preborn in the U.S. House. We are grateful for his time and we look forward to hosting him in the future and working with him to abolish abortion."


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