• Matt Lamb

Pro-Life Generation Criticizes Pornographic Sex Ed

Miles Wiley, a Students for Life leader and the Washington SFL Action Captain recently wrote to criticize the state of Washington for passing legislation that will mandate pornographic sex ed on kids starting in kindergarten.

Wiley stated, "We cannot let the government desensitize Washington State’s youth to graphic sexual images. This will not help solve sexual assault and sexual harassment, ESSB 5395 will only make the problem worst. Your children do not need to be expose to sexually explicit material to treat people with."

Parents for Safer Schools has begun circulating a petition to push back against the legislation. You can learn more here.

Their website states, "We are citizens and parents united to ensure our voices are heard on this extreme legislation. We are committed to protecting kids, restoring local control of schools and giving parents a say in what our children are taught."

Groups like Planned Parenthood regularly use sex ed to groom young girls and to push sex on kids as young as 5-years-old. Former Planned Parenthood sex educator Monica Cline helped expose these gross practices.

According to the Daily Caller, "It was very explicit,' Cline said, revealing she was told she must discuss all sexual topics with students, including, 'Oral, vaginal, and anal sex, and the use of sex toys'...Planned Parenthood teaches students risk reduction rather than teaching children how to have healthy relationships and to date in groups, Cline said."

You can read more here.


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