• Matt Lamb

Pro-Life Leader Criticizes Pro-Infanticide Delegate For Killing Adoption and Foster Care Reform

Students for Life Action president Kristan Hawkins recently published an editorial in, criticizing pro-infanticide delegate Kathy Tran for killing foster care reform. At the same time, she pushed through legislation to allow nurse practitioners to commit abortions. The foster care reform, Senate Bill 501, would have made it easier for medical professionals, law enforcement, and former teachers to conduct background checks on prospective adoptive and foster care parents, helping fix a backlog. Senate Bill 733 will allow nurse practitioners to commit abortions; it is still on Governor Northam's desk.

Hawkins writes, "Pro-lifers are often accused of not really caring about human beings after they’re born. Consider that after Alabama’s Human Life Protection Act passed, abortion advocates once again started using arguments about poverty, foster care, and adoption to argue against the legislation. But a developing story out of the commonwealth of Virginia shows where the problems lie—with radical, pro-infanticide delegates. 

In January 2020, pro-life state Senator Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania) introduced Senate Bill 501, which would give the state, counties, and social service agencies greater flexibility to recruit and train home study inspectors, the people who ensure that prospective foster care and adoptive parents are approved or denied to take in the most vulnerable among us. "

Sounds like a good idea, right? It was a good idea for the entire state senate, which voted unanimously to support it!

But not for Kathy Tran, a pro-infanticide delegate.

"Even though teachers, law enforcement officers, and nurse practitioners would all be able to help identify these networks and help ease the transition, Delegate Tran and Delegate Guzman refused to advance the legislation to reform Virginia’s foster care and adoption system," Hawkins writes.

"Foster care children deserve better. Kids waiting to be adopted deserve better. Prospective parents deserve better. Unfortunately, Delegate Tran and Guzman let them down while serving the interests of the abortion industry."

You can read the full op-ed here.


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