• Matt Lamb

Pro-Life Students Called 4,000 Pro-Life Voters In ONE DAY!

On Wednesday, May 20th, volunteers with SFL Action made 4,000 calls to pro-life voters in New Mexico! In total, about 25 volunteers made 4,000 calls to pro-life voters to encourage them to vote pro-life first.

The June 2nd Democratic Primary features two primary races where pro-life Democrats are facing primary challenges from pro-choice opponents. The two pro-life Democrats are state senators Gabriel Ramos and Mary Kay Papen.

In total, over 10,000 phone calls have been made in New Mexico so far in just a few weeks.

Titus Folks, National Campaigns Advisor thanked the students, saying, "The Pro-Life Generation knows that a post-Roe America must include both pro-life Democrats and pro-life Republicans. Last Spring, 10 brave Democrats bucked their party to vote pro-life and to stop an extreme pro-choice piece of legislation. We must support both pro-life and pro-choice Democrats."

Reporting last year, the ABQ Journal noted, "New Mexico lawmakers on Thursday rejected a proposal that would have repealed the state’s 1969 anti-abortion law – an issue that emerged as one of the most emotional of the session...Sen. Gabriel Ramos, a Silver City Democrat appointed to fill a vacancy in the Senate earlier this year, cited his religious beliefs and the Catholic Church before voting against the bill.'This is one of the toughest decisions any of us will ever have to make,' he said as senators prepared to vote. 'I stand unified against legislation that weakens the defense of life and threatens the dignity of the human being.'"

You can read the full article here.


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