• Matt Lamb

Pro-Life Students Have Made 45,000 Phone Calls To Pro-Life Voters In 2020

Students for Life Action has mobilized pro-life students to make 45,000 phone calls to pro-life voters so far in 2020. They are surveying and identifying pro-life voters and working to convince them to vote pro-life first. Students have been active in making calls to voters in Arizona, Virginia, and Illinois, so far.

The number will continue to grow, as Students for Life Action launches and aggressively pursues its goal of making 1,000,000 phone calls in the 2020 election as part of its #VoteProLifeFirstCampaign.

Titus Folks, National Campaigns Advisor for Students for Life Action has been working with student volunteers to make phone calls. He said over 100 students have been involved so far in making phone calls.

Folks stated, "The pro-life generation knows that the 2020 election is going to be important to abolishing abortion. They see the radicalism of people like Governor Northam and Governor Cuomo and are motivated to fight back, no matter what state they are in, because every state matters for abolishing abortion. We must have pro-life elected officials in office so we can prepare for a post-Roe America."

Folks led the Virginia 2019 election effort, where students made 65,000 phone calls, 15,000 doors, and 1 million text messages.

Volunteers who want to get involved can learn more at Volunteers can sign up to join the Call Squad, making phone calls, and/or the Door Squad, traveling to different states for weekend deployments in conjunction with SBA List.


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