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Students for Life Action Calls On U.S. House To Oppose Abortion Funding In Coronavirus Legislation

“Abortion does not cure the coronavirus or address loss of jobs, freedoms and opportunity in America,” said SFLAction’s Kristan Hawkins. “The tone-deaf call for more abortion with taxpayer funds is a waste of resource and misuse of legislators’ time and attention.” 

WASHINGTON D.C. (05-14-2020) – Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins called on the U.S. House to prioritize efforts to save Americans’ jobs, lives and futures, in a new aid bill, H.R. 6800, Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act (HEROES Act), that currently contains plans to misuse taxpayer resources by providing funds that could be used for abortion and abortion vendors. Problems with the bill include failing to apply the Hyde Amendment which limits taxpayer funding of abortion and creating a new $100 billion fund, the Healthcare Provider Relief Fund, which does not prohibit abortion vendors from seeking funds.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi keeps letting Planned Parenthood know that ‘you’ve got a friend in me,’ as she abuses the economic tragedy impacting America to write a check with our money,” observed Hawkins. “No matter the crisis, the nation’s largest abortion vendor can count on their allies to try and get them a cut. The most bi-partisan vote right now should be on aid packages designed to help those in need – not fatten the bottom line of a billion-dollar abortion behemoth that hasn’t missed a meal.”

Students for Life Action is calling on its network to urge their Senators and Representatives to oppose any abortion funding schemes as part of coronavirus relief legislation.

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