• Matt Lamb

The Pro-Life Generation Called Nearly 5,000 Voters In One Day

This Saturday, Students for Life Action volunteers called nearly 5,000 voters in one day as part of the first monthly National Call Day. The #VoteProLifeFirst campaign aims to call 1 million pro-life voters ahead of the November election.

In total, over 60 students helped call nearly 5,000 voters.

Titus Folks, National Campaigns Advisor for Students for Life Action thanked the students for making phone calls and ensuring that voters #VoteProLifeFirst.

"Making phone calls is a fun but effective way to reach out to voters. The Pro-Life Generation wants to ensure that voters understand the importance of voting pro-life first and preparing for a post-Roe America."

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life Action, has previously written about why she will #VoteProLifeFirst and why it's okay to be a single-issue voter on abortion.

"People understand that specializing in a subject, working to become more excellent and effective in addressing a problem, is one of the pursuits of adult life. At some point, passions become professions so that change can occur. And it’s the same for people who are engaged in the human rights issue of our day, abortion....Abortion may be a single issue, but given the life and death stakes it represents, it deserves the time and attention of voters and citizens alike."

You can read the full USA Today op-ed here.

You can sign up to get involved in our Call Squads and Door Squads here.


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