• Matt Lamb

The Pro-Life Generation Needs Your Help Making Phone Calls This Saturday!

The pro-life generation is mobilizing this Saturday, May 9th, for the first National Call Day as part of the #VoteProLifeFirst campaign. So far, nearly 50,000 phone calls have been made in 2020 to identify pro-life voters.

Students for Life Action utilizes an easy-to-use calling program; all you need is a phone and a laptop to help us. We will provide training to anyone who needs it. The National Call Day starts in the morning of May 9th, but from 3 PM EST to 6 PM EST, all participants are invited to join together to call together (virtually), share stories, and ask questions. If you have any questions, just e-mail Titus Folks at

To get involved, simply RSVP for the National Call Day at the link here.

The National Call Day is part of the 2020 #VoteProLife Campaign. In order to receive regular updates, training times, and information, volunteers are asked to sign up at You can join the Call Squad (making phone calls), the Door Squad (participating in weekend canvassing/door knocking) or both. Plus, you can earn great rewards, like gift cards for making phone calls and shout-outs on social media!

We hope to see you this Saturday and for many more months to come; remember to RSVP for the National Call Day.


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