Fall Squad Calls

Students for Life Action is introducing a 4-part call series for FREE, starting the last day of THIS MONTH! During this series will take a dive deep into pro-life Public Policy topics, hosted by our very own political subject matter experts.

You will learn more about our legislative strategy, our election efforts, and the opportunities we have to abolish abortion in our lifetime.

Additionally, we want to be sure the squad is updated with all of the pro-life efforts we have in action & equip you to engage in your own political efforts to defend LIFE.

So, GET YOUR SPOT TODAY for one, two, three, or ALL of the amazing call sessions we are offering. Check out this schedule:

Aug 31st, Our fight against Chemical Abortion

Sept. 28th, How will we Abolish Abortion?

Oct. 26th, Elections, the key to Public Policy

Nov. 30th, Opportunities for Life in 2022.

All you have to do now is fill out this form to get signed up!