October 30, 2023

“Biden’s Favorite Republican” Campaign to Focus on Politicians Ignoring the Pro-Life Convictions of Their Base & Much of the Country  


“Too many politicians see preborn children as props for fundraising emails or 
TV ads. But those incumbents who forget about expectant mothers and preborn children can be primaried. We are signaling to those wavering politicians that becoming Biden’s Favorite Republicans is a mistake that will need fixing,” said Students for Life Action’s Kristan Hawkins. 

Campaign Targets “Moderate” Republicans Who Capitulate on Key Pro-Life Positions

New to the list this week: Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan, with a C rating on the Pro-Life Generation Report Card, who is trying to do an end run around the courageous Sen. Tommy Tuberville, defending LIFE by working to keep funds facilitating abortion out of our military spending. 

WASHINGTON D.C. (10-30-2023) Students for Life Action (SFLAction) President Kristan Hawkins announced the launch of our newest accountability project titled Biden’s Favorite Republicans“Over the next year, Students for Life Action will highlight and expose the rampant hypocrisy present inside the so-called moderate wing of the GOP, as those who said they were pro-life are called out for their lack of follow through,” said Hawkins.



“The Pro-Life Generation is looking to work with leaders whose actions match their campaign promises,” said Hawkins. “We are going to remind voters of the records and rhetoric of those who happily take their campaign donations and votes but give nothing in return on the issues that matter most to them — be it life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.” Active in all 50 states, SFLAction and its sister organization Students for Life of America have been regarded by The Washington Post as “one of the largest antiabortion organizations in the country.”

The Republicans currently highlighted in this campaign for their broken promises include: 

  • Congresswoman Nancy Mace
  • Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Congresswoman Lori Chavez-DeRemer
  • Florida State Senate President Kathleen Passidomo
  • Nebraska State Senator Merv Riepe
  • Wyoming State Representative Ember Oakley
  • Oklahoma State Senator Julie Daniels
  • South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis
  • South Carolina State Senator Sandy Senn
  • South Carolina State Senator Katrina Shealy
  • South Carolina State Senator Greg Hembree
  • South Carolina State Senator Luke Rankin
  • South Carolina State Senator Penry Gustafson
  • Congressman Marc Molinaro
  • Congressman Mike Lawler

As campaign season ramps up, SFLAction is also launching campaigns across the nation, including a series of ad-buys in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin, that will highlight the pro-abortion extremism of the Joe Biden administration. SFLAction is also on the road for the Stop Abortion Extremism Tour, visiting numerous states to take the fight to these Republicans in their own backyards and rally the army of pro-life volunteers that will help us take back the White House in 2024.



“We will not forget the more than 64 million lives lost since 1973 or ignore those who would allow more of the same,” said Hawkins in a recent op-ed published in The Federalist. “In 2023 and 2024, we will educate voters on whether their elected officials did their job and protected the innocent.”

CLICK HERE to read Hawkins’ full op-ed at The Federalist entitled “Nancy Mace Knifes Her Own Party When She Adopts Pro-Abortion Talking Points.”

CLICK HERE to read Hawkins and Students for Life Action Vice President of Media & Policy Kristi Hamrick defending Tuberville’s courageous stand in a piece at The Federalist entitled Aborting Innocent Lives In America Won’t Save Innocent Lives In Israel”

To learn more about Biden’s Favorite Republicans, click HERE.

For interviews and questions about the campaign, email [email protected]


Students for Life Action (SFLAction), a 501c4, along with its 501c3 sister organization, Students for Life of America (SFLA), make up the nation’s largest, pro-life youth organization, managing a political and policy operation engaging Americans of all ages but with a special emphasis on the largest segment of voters — the Youth Vote. Together they provide political, legal, educational, and community support for women and children, born and preborn. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, SFLA serves more than 1,400 groups on middle, high school, college, medical, and law school campuses in all 50 states. SFLA and SFLAction have more conversations with this generation targeted by the abortion lobby than any other pro-life operation in the world, each week reaching more than 4 million across social media platforms and averaging 1.3 million video views. SFLA has also launched multiple initiatives to lead and serve the future of the pro-life movement including the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, Standing With You, and the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement . Over more than 17 years, President Kristan Hawkins has grown SFLAction/SFLA and the Pro-Life Generation into a nearly $20M organization, now preparing for an abortion-free America.