OUR Success

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) was launched in 2019 as a mission-critical partner of Students for Life of America - a 501(c4) that could engage in the politics of abortion and influence key elections to restrict and abolish abortion state by state. In just a few short years, Students for Life Action has become one of the most powerful pro-life groups in America. 

Today, Students for Life Action is the leading student-centered organization advocating for life-protecting laws in Congress and in state houses across the country. Since our launch, students and volunteers have knocked on more than 570,000 doors in the districts of key elections, sent millions of text messages to voters, written model legislation that has saved lives, and are leading the charge on always pushing for the very best pro-life laws possible in each state, with the gold standard being Protection at Conception. 


All-in-all, Students for Life Action engaged in more than 110 races in 2022 and tracked 317 races on election night where the pro-life candidate won in 210 of those races. Between SFLAction, other organizations, and candidate campaigns, approximately 550 SFLAction student leaders knocked on the doors of more than 230,000 voters this election and sent more than 1 million text messages – ensuring the abortion lobby wouldn’t have the votes to codify Roe 2.0 in Congress. 

With multiple campaigns spanning across key regions, SFLAction exposed pro-abortion radicals by personally texting nearly 3,110,252 voters, making 2,051,680 phone calls, launching #VoteProLifeFirst digital ads that received over 8,988,106 views, and even debated candidates face-to-face.   

Additionally, this was the first time engaging in the elections in any sort of capacity for 55% of over 250 students while more than 83% of all activists who volunteered with SFLAction this election cycle said they were “very likely” to continue to volunteer in future elections.  

In 2024, Students for Life Action will be mobilizing with #VoteProLifeFirst efforts to save lives.  




Students for Life Action works to tie the legislative session with the election session. We expect politicians who run as pro-life to work hard to pass strong, life-saving legislation. Our mission is to abolish abortion, state by state.  

SFLAction shares model legislation with elected officials relating to ending Chemical Abortion—the most common type of abortion today and our ultimate goal of Protection At Conception.  

Over the past three years, the Pro-Life Generation mobilized to advocate for pro-life legislation and push back against pro-abortion legislation in more than thirty-five states and Washington, D.C. Students for Life Action activated students in all 50 states to engage in public policy.  

As a result of our efforts, more laws preventing abortions were enacted in 2021 than any other year according to a NPR article.  And in 2022, we were a part of multiple successes including the passage ofLifeAtConception Bills in Oklahoma, Indiana, andWest Virginia. In 2023, the first ever Chemical Abortion Prevention Act (SFLAction sample legislation) which completely stops manufacturing and distribution of Chemical Abortion pills was passed in Wyoming as a result of two years of grassroots work.   

Federally, U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) and U.S. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX-21) introduced the first piece of legislation Students for Life Action inspired (and even helped draft) called "Protecting Life on College Campus Act” and it’s been reintroduced in Congress. Read more about thishere.   

We are alsocontinuing to buildrelationships to protect the filibuster and the Hyde Amendment and stop abortion extremism. At both the federal and state levels, SFLAction is fighting against the Biden Administration's radical attempts to expand access to dangerous Chemical Abortion drugs endangering both children and women.  

Read more about our efforts in our annual state legislative report.  

In 2024, Students for Life Action will be building upon our current relationships and growing new ones in order to pass the strongest pro-life legislation possible with current and new strategic SFLAction sample legislation.



We are training pro-life leaders.... leaders who one day may hold office in their state, lead pregnancy help organizations, run for office, and cast votes on laws to protect life.    

Training the next generation of pro-life leaders requires investing now to ensure we have leaders trained in a variety of areas, including legally curtailing the abortion industry, lobbying, and campaign organizing. Our SFL Action Captains are the student leaders in their states in the areas of lobbying, campaign organizing, and ending Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry’s influence.   

In the 2022-2023 school year, Students for Life Action had more than 45 SFL Action Captains in almost every state. Our SFLAction Captains continue to lead the fight to pass pro-life legislation, stop pro-abortion legislation, and elect pro-life champions.  These captains receive monthly training, mentorship from our staff, and help our team lead door knocking activities and lobby days. These students attended our in-person training for our kickoff of the program in Washington, DC. 

In addition to students, we provide exclusive apologetics (defending pro-life position), media, political strategy, and legal training and materials to legislators and community organizers.  

Students for Life Action also hosts one-day Political Leadership Workshops, which are intensive political trainings to prepare our activists for legislative action in a Post-Roe World. You can request one here.

In addition to these new and massive efforts, our sister organization, Students for Life of America, organizes and supports more than 1,400 Students for Life groups on college campuses across this nation to fight Planned Parenthood and the Culture of Death where it matters the most – on college campuses.