January 13, 2023

End Abortion in Iowa!

Students for Life Action is excited at the gains the Iowa legislature has made to protect preborn life, but we must urge the legislature to go further and to not leave any preborn babies behind!

We ask you to join us in calling on legislators to support Protection at Conception (HF 510) and Chemical Abortion Prevention (HF 146) legislation. Now is not the time to stall in our efforts. Legislators must end the predatory abortion industry entirely and close all abortion facilities, as so many other states have done.

We’re activating students and supporters of the preborn across Iowa to support this legislation, and we need your help!

Science and common sense tell us life begins at conception. Babies have a unique DNA from the moment of conception onward. Each one is uniquely human and worthy of legal protection.

Current Iowa law allows unlimited abortion before 6-weeks and allows whole groups of preborn babies to be aborted despite circumstances beyond their control. We can do better. Republican super-majorities that have the ability to completely end the predatory abortion industry that is profiting off of the death of babies and harming women. They have the ability to completely end the distribution of dangerous chemical abortion pills, which are responsible for over 50% of abortions. Many legislators have cosponsored legislation to do just that, but Republican leadership has not advanced the bills.

Please take less than 30 seconds to fill out our form to contact your legislators in support of passing Protection at Conception and Chemical Abortion Prevention legislation. We must not let up in our efforts to save thousands of lives every year.