December 7, 2022

STOP the Flow of Illegal Abortion Pills into Oklahoma!

In Oklahoma, lives are being saved due to the hard work of pro-life activists and lawmakers who voted to protect life from conception onward and end the predatory abortion industry.

But out-of-state pill pushers from places like New York and California are illegally mailing Chemical Abortion Pills to women in Oklahoma, profiting from their fear and leaving them to suffer complications from their illegal abortions alone in their homes and dorm rooms.

Students for Life Action has partnered with pro-life champion Oklahoma Representative Crosswhite Hader to file HB 3013, to deter out-of-state pill pushers from preying on women.

This legislation enacts heavy fines and jail time for those who illegally traffic pills into Oklahoma.

The Stop Pill Trafficking Act would help ensure those seeking to profit from pregnant women in Oklahoma are deterred and held accountable for their exploitative and deadly business model.

We need your help to advocate for this legislation to make sure out-of-state pill pushers are not allowed to harm Oklahoma’s women and babies any longer.

Please take just a few seconds to contact your legislators to urge them to stand strong and protect life!