December 7, 2022

Encourage Oklahoma Lawmakers to Stay Strong and Protect Life!

In Oklahoma, lives are being saved due to the hard work of pro-life activists and lawmakers who voted in favor of pro-life legislation. Students for Life Action worked with pro-life champions OK State Senator Nathan Dahm and OK Representative Jim Olsen to mobilize voters to contact their legislators and lobby them in person to pass SB 612–one of the strongest Life at Conception Acts in the country.

Unfortunately, rumors from the capital indicate that some legislators may give into pressure from the abortion lobby to weaken pro-life protections, allowing for abortion in certain cases. 

This is apparent in SB 834 which was recently introduced and would weaken protections for the preborn and promote discrimination against some preborn babies!

Every abortion ends a unique human life, worthy of love and respect, and entitled to life and to be treated with dignity.

Please take just a few seconds to contact your legislators to urge them to stand strong and protect life!