December 19, 2022

Urge Legislators to support the Clean Water For All Life Act in Virginia!

By the abortion industry’s own estimation, chemical abortion drugs account for roughly half of all abortions.

The toxins in these pills are designed to kill children.

The National Institute of Health confirms they are “endocrine disruptors” that interfere with a body’s hormones and are linked with developmental, reproductive, brain, immune system functions as well as tainting our food supply.

Students for Life Action wants to know just how dangerous these pills are to our environment.
SFLAction is filing the CLEAN WATER FOR ALL LIFE ACT in Virginia to hold the manufacturers of these drugs accountable.

We must have environmental assessments of Chemical Abortion Pills. The abortion industry is the only one allowed to get away with putting potentially dangerous chemicals into our water supply. Even though we know that RU-486, misoprostol, hormones, or other chemical pollutants affect the health of people, animals, and our food supply chain, environmental advocates are silent.

Fill out our easy form to tell your legislators to make sure our drinking water is safe to drink, and our environment is protected from large corporations who are only interested in profit from killing preborn babies. with zero regard for the safety of the environment.