January 25, 2023

End Chemical Abortion in Wyoming!

SF0109, SFLAction-inspired bill filed by Senator Tim Salazar to end Chemical Abortion in the state of Wyoming is nearly across the finish line but its not out of the woods yet! The bill was previously gutted in committee but it has been restored and now needs to pass the House before being sent to the Governor!

Students for Life Action is activating students and supporters of the preborn across Wyoming to save and pass this legislation, so please take a few moments to contact your legislators!

Abortion activists have been quietly building a whole new Chemical Abortion business model to target young women where they spend their time – online, on their phones, and at school. And now the Biden administration has gutted federal regulations, leaving protecting women to the states.

If passed, Wyoming’s law on Chemical Abortion would be one of the strongest across our nation, but Sen. Salazar needs our help to tell our legislators to support it.

With this legislation,Wyoming has an unprecedented opportunity to take a stand for the equal protection and civil rights of preborn children, but legislators need to hear from you to support the bill.

Our voices must be louder than the Corporate Abortion interests pushing the pills.

We’re asking that you contact legislators right now by filling out our form, tell them to vote YES on SF109 and keep the bill language strong!