March 28, 2023

In Biden’s America, Unalienable Rights Have Taken on a Whole New Meaning


In its unending pursuit of an abortion-on-demand agenda, the Biden Administration has endeavored to redefine the fundamental principles underlying America’s founding creed – namely, that all people are created with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The most recent example of this came during a celebration of Women’s History Month at the White House, when President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris unapologetically implied that women could not be free and equal participants in American society without the right to kill their preborn children.  

  Vice President Harris opened the chorus of pro-abortion talking points when she suggested, “The priority of women’s economic empowerment is rooted in core economic principles that include basic American values – specifically the idea of freedom. Not just freedom from violence or want, but… the fundamental freedom of every woman, not her government, to make decisions about her own body.” 



The American public was already fully aware that Harris does not respect the Declaration of Independence’s guarantee that life is an unalienable right, as she famously made clear earlier this year. Moreover, it has long been apparent that the Vice President doesn’t believe that an American female’s “freedom from violence” applies to preborn girls. 

What is most striking about Harris’ claim, however, is the rationale that stripping the rights of one group of people (the preborn) is necessary to protect the interests of another group of people (reproductive-age women).

The Vice President’s conclusion that expanding abortion is necessary to ensure women’s economic freedom sounds eerily similar to arguments made by her Democrat predecessors in Congress in the 19th century. 



In fact, during floor debates in Congress over the issue of slavery prior to the Civil War, pro-slavery politicians frequently declared the right to hold slaves was a core component of economic freedom.

When freedom is defined according to a politician’s wishes, be it a slaveholding member of Congress or a pro-abortion sitting Vice President, it misleads the American public into believing that unalienable rights do not apply equally to all. The inevitable result of such a redefinition of freedom is the plight of slaves in Antebellum America and the plight of the preborn in modern America. 

President Biden, for his part in the event, suggested that America “is founded on freedom and equality. Nothing is more fundamental than that. That’s why my administration put the equality of women and girls at the heart of everything we do.”  



As President Biden would have it, however, this noble goal of expanding equal opportunity for all women has come to include the evil of abortion.

The President made this abundantly clear when he openly lamented the reversal of Roe v. Wade and declared, “An extreme Supreme Court stripped away a fundamental freedom that existed for half a century.”

In Joe Biden’s America, the brutal killing of preborn children, a grave human rights violation, has now been deemed a “fundamental freedom.” As this immoral rhetoric pervades the halls of power, we must endeavor to change our civil discourse to become more respectful of all human beings in years to come. 



Indeed, other pro-abortion politicians have similarly tried to instill the right to abortion into their own personal definitions of freedom. Whether it be labeling states that protect preborn lives “anti-freedom states,” as California Governor Gavin Newsom did, or declaring that “Few rights are more central to individual freedom than the right to control one’s own body,” as U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland did, this sort of extreme rhetoric is par for the course in left-wing political circles.

However, it is especially disconcerting for Americans of all political stripes to hear our President and Vice President, the voices of the American people on the global stage, use their bully pulpits to interpret America’s founding ideals according to their own unethical preferences.

Who would have ever thought that America’s highest ranking public officials would try to redefine our sacred American principles to include the right to abortion? The founding fathers must be turning over in their graves.