Encourage Legislators to Pass Protection at Conception Legislation in Indiana!

Indiana abortion laws are woefully unprepared for a Post-Roe America despite an incredibly pro-life voter base and legislature. Abortion is currently legal in Indiana up until 22 weeks, and ultimately preborn children are unprotected.

As we know, life begins at conception and every child deserves #ProtectionAtConception. Thankfully, Governor Eric Holcomb has called a special session beginning July 25th!

With overwhelming pro-life majority in the State House and Senate, Hoosiers should be able to expect a principled Protection At Conception bill.

But, SB1, the current abortion ban, fails Hoosiers in several key ways:

1. There are no criminal penalties for abortionists who kill children! The only penalty is the possible loss of their medical license. Most abortionists are flown into Indiana from other states, so this “slap on the wrist” penalty is unlikely to deter them.

2. The bill allows any woman to get an abortion if she claims she is the victim of rape or incest. There is no requirement in the bill that the police investigate the rape, keeping abortion legal for any woman desperate enough to lie about the circumstances of her pregnancy.

3. Finally, this bill will have very little effect on the abortion rate because it fails to adequately address RU-486 and chemical abortion, which makes up the vast majority of abortions in Indiana. We need to ban the manufacture and distribution of this drug with strict criminal penalties.

Contact legislators and Governor Holcomb to encourage them to change course and move quickly to save Hoo1sier babies from the violence of abortion by fixing the abortion ban bill.

Take just 5 seconds & use our form to email your legislators then share this link with your pro-life community!