#Tooextreme4me overpass Outreach

Expose extreme pro-abortion politicians


It's time to tell our nation's pro-abortion legislators that they are #TooExtreme4Me when it comes to their unwavering support for the violence of abortion. One way we'll tell them is through engaging in street marketing known as an Overpass Outreach. 

Overpass Outreach is a highly visible, effective launching point for our #TooExtreme4Me campaign during which the Post-Roe Generation will expose EXTREME pro-abortion politicians leading up to the general elections. 

Millions of Americans use our nation's highways every single day... which means millions drive under countless highway overpasses. Having a presence on high-traffic overpasses, holding large pro-life banners for passing drivers (drivers who will be voting in upcoming elections) guarantees a large audience for our anti-violence message. 

How to participate


Find the city closest to you and sign up to join one of our Overpass Outreach teams! The city captain will personally reach out to get you the dates/times of your local Overpass Outreach events.

  • Arizona - Phoenix, Tucson
  • California - Fresno
  • Georgia - Atlanta
  • Illinois - Naperville
  • Indiana - Lake County
  • Kansas - Kansas City
  • Michigan - Ann Arbor, Lansing
  • Minnesota - South of Minneapolis
  • Nevada - Las Vegas
  • New Hampshire - Manchester
  • North Carolina - Charlotte, Raleigh
  • Ohio - Cincinnati, Toledo
  • Pennsylvania - New Castle, Scranton
  • Virginia - Fredericksburg
  • Wisconsin - Madison

Sign up for an overpass outreach near you


the banners


*Each location's first banner will have the appropriate Senator's name. This example is Georgia's!


Our nation's Leaders are #tooextreme4me

This election season, our nation's pro-abortion candidates and incumbents are making a risky bet: that voters love abortion as much as they do. The reality is, 9 in 10 Americans do not agree with the anything-goes abortion policy of today's Democrats (and even some Republicans). 

Thanks to voting records and meticulously kept scorecards, we know exactly which candidates in key races are #TooExtreme4Me on abortion. But it's crucial that our fellow voters know the truth, too, before they cast their votes on November 8th.


Thank you to our partner:

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