Demand Dr. Fauci’s Resignation Following Barbaric Baby Parts Scandal

Barbaric, taxpayer-funded research has been taking place at the University of Pittsburgh – and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s office approved grants that funded it.


Fauci’s actual job as a high-ranking official at HHS is to protect Americans from conception — yet he is doing the exact opposite: sacrificing the most vulnerable American children to appease Corporate Abortion, the human body parts trafficking industry, and unethical researchers in league with Planned Parenthood at the University of Pittsburgh. And taking US taxpayer dollars to do it. No conscientious person can stand for these human rights abuses, or this hypocrisy at the highest levels of the federal government.


Dr. Fauci must resign. 


Using the remains of aborted infants for grotesque Frankenstein-like research is a morally and ethically problematic practice. Taxpayer dollars should NEVER be used to buy the remains of aborted babies, providing additional income to abortion vendors through their gruesome side business of cutting up and selling the babies they abort.


Furthermore, research on aborted fetal tissue and cells is unnecessary and largely ineffective due to the development of ethical methods that yield better results through recent scientific advances.


Can you take TWO MINUTES to sign a petition for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s resignation from the NIH?


Medicine should never victimize the vulnerable, especially preborn babies. And those charged with protecting Americans should never intentionally support the victimization of the innocent. It’s time for Dr. Fauci to resign.


As the former Students for Life president at the University of Pittsburgh, Wilberforce fellow, and current research student, Elena Liguori said, “With rapid advances in the capabilities of medicine and science, we must be sure to ask ourselves not only what is possible but first and foremost what is right and ethical. True medicine and good science are pro-life.”


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