January 3, 2024

Policy for Dummies: A Federal ‘Life of the Mother Protection Act’ Could Inoculate Against the Abortion Lobby Playing Stupid


Since the reversal of Roe v. Wade, fearmongering about maternal death has taken center stage in the abortion lobby’s misinformation theater. Despite being very tired of watching them play dumb, the show continues to go on with a recent NPR headline reading, “20 Women Are Now Suing Texas, Saying State Abortion Laws Endangered Them.”

This is sure to become a favorite story in abortion supporters’ back pockets as they argue against pro-life laws — even though such an argument holds no water.

The copy of this article makes that clear, as the Texas Attorney General’s office has rightfully argued that the law isn’t at fault. Instead, the AG makes the case that “their doctors were responsible for any harms they claimed” — and this is well-supported considering the fact that the laws in all 50 states protect mothers in emergency medical situations.



This has been fact-checked and proven by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) who state, “(E)very state has an exception that allows for an abortion needed to save the life of the pregnant person.” The AAMC goes even further to say, “To date, no physician has been criminally prosecuted in any state for providing an abortion that was due to a medical emergency.”

An article by the Charlotte Lozier Institute goes on to cite legal scholar Paul Linton who found that “there has never been a physician prosecuted or disciplined for an abortion that fell within the scope of the “life-of-the-mother” exception.” The word ‘never’ is a strong one, but it’s fitting; after examining the years preceding Roe v. Wade, the nearly 50 years under Roe, and the months since the Dobbs v. Jackson decision, no such prosecutions were found.

And yet we continue to see media frenzy about “confusion.” Major medical organizations, like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, make rather pathetic statements that “our doctors are doctors, they’re not lawyers,” and it’s all “very confusing, vague, and open to interpretation.”

But what about creating a federal policy for dummies on this?

The pro-life movement could put forth a ‘Life of the Mother Protection Act’ in Congress which would make it abundantly clear that when a pregnant mother’s life is medically at risk, life-saving interventions are protected in every state. It could clarify that these interventions are never for the purpose of killing the preborn (which is always the intention in a direct, elective abortion) but are performed with both patients’ health in mind. Sometimes, these interventions may tragically result in the loss of the child’s life, but (as with other forms of medical care) as long as this is not done on purpose, the physician is protected.



Such a law is technically unnecessary as we’ve previously discussed — but it could still be beneficial.

For one, we could stop the abortion lobby’s misinformation campaign in its tracks and make the public better aware that pro-life laws will not leave women ‘dying in the streets’ as abortion supporters would like voters to believe. In this way, such a policy could really help to distinguish the difference between life-affirming care and abortion. Second, we could finally stop hearing pro-abortion doctors whine about this nonexistent problem.

And perhaps most importantly, such a law would inoculate innocent women in scary situations from abortion supporters posing as healthcare professionals. These are the “doctors” who might purposefully hem and haw in willful ignorance about treating a pregnant woman in dangerous condition in order to make an example out of her when she potentially dies from the neglect.

As the pro-life movement, we support all lives so a policy like this would easily pass through our ranks. The real question is would the abortion lobby support it? A federal ‘Life of the Mother Protection Act’ would clear away all false speculation about treating pregnant women once and for all (although such care is protected already), making one of the abortion industry’s favorite talking points completely moot. As they have never prioritized women and children above their narrative and bottom line before, why should we expect them to start now? 

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