Help the Pro-Life Generation Stop Abortion Extremism in Virginia 

All eyes are on Virginia, where the Governor and House of Delegates are up for election THIS FALL.

If the Abortion Lobby succeeds in delivering Virginia for its pro-abortion pet politicians, President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will feel validated and they’ll be even more emboldened to push their pro-abortion agenda heading into 2022.

That’s why SFLAction students is going all-in with our proven grassroots door-to-door mobilizations.

During our first mobilization, 45 pro-life student leaders knocked on an incredible 20,000 doors in just THREE days!

Now, polls are neck-and-neck and our new TV ad exposing the pro-abortion record of former Governor and 2021 candidate Terry McAuliffe (D) could finally STOP the abortion agenda in Virginia.

That’s why Students for Life Action is launching our first ever TV AD Blitz to expose the extreme abortion agenda of the Abortion Lobby’s hand-picked candidate for Governor, Terry McAuliffe.

With this TV ad, combined with our grassroots issue discussion and mobilization efforts, SFLAction can reverse the abortion agenda & champion pro-life policies in Virginia.

But that will only happen with your prayers and financial support.

After you’ve watched and shared the video above with every Virginian you know, help us flood the airwaves with this ad by clicking here to make your most generous contribution possible right away!