May 29, 2020

Students For Life Action Has Made 20,000 Phone Calls So Far In New Mexico

Since early May, Students for Life Action has been active in calling pro-life voters in New Mexico ahead of the June 2nd Democratic primary. Students for Life Action is calling voters in two state senate races; pro-life incumbents Mary Kay Papen and Gabriel Ramos are facing primary challenges, due to their opposition to an extreme abortion law.

On Wednesday, May 20th, volunteers with SFL Action made 4,000 calls to pro-life voters in New Mexico! In total, about 25 volunteers made 4,000 calls to pro-life voters to encourage them to vote pro-life first.

Students for Life Action volunteers, led by SFL Action field agent Mallory Finch, have been making thousands of phone calls to identify and turn out pro-life voters in key Democratic primaries. State senators Gabriel Ramos and Mary Kay Papen were key votes against legislation in New Mexico that would have legalized abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy.
Volunteers are on pace to make at least 30,000 phone calls to identify and turn out pro-life voters, but they are aiming to make even more. The primary is June 2nd.

Titus Folks, National Campaigns Advisor thanked the students, saying, “The Pro-Life Generation knows that a post-Roe America must include both pro-life Democrats and pro-life Republicans. Last Spring, 10 brave Democrats bucked their party to vote pro-life and to stop an extreme pro-choice piece of legislation. We must support both pro-life and pro-choice Democrats.”