Public Relations and Policy Coordinator

Savanna Deretich grew up in Ham Lake, Minnesota and is finishing her Bachelor of Science degree in Political Communications/Family Advocacy and Biblical Studies at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul Minnesota. 

Almost four years ago, Savanna started a Students for Life chapter on her campus and her passion for the pro-life movement rapidly blossomed. Right around when she began to lead the Students for Life chapter, infanticide was legalized in New York. On that dark day, a burning fire ignited in her heart and she knew being a voice for the voiceless and protecting the greatest gift God has given us would be her life’s work. The next day, Savanna changed her major to fit a pro-life career path. Every day, it her goal to be a light for Christ and spread joy to others in all that she does. 

Before Savanna became an employee with Students for Life, she was a Minnesota State Captain with Students for Life Action, a 2019-2020 Wilberforce Fellow, a 2020-2021 Student Spokesperson, as well as founded and served as President for the Students for Life group on her campus for over three years. 

Savanna now resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia where she is serving the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life Action’s Public Relations and Policy Coordinator. 

Savanna can be contacted at [email protected].