ABORTION is on the BALLOT in 2024

Volunteer with Students for Life Action in 2024 to defend
equal rights for ALL — born & preborn!

The reversal of Roe v. Wade in 2022 placed the future of abortion in the hands of our legislators at the federal, state, and local levels. And this fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Abortion Lobby, which is working overtime to enshrine late-term abortion into state constitutions, one by one. 

In other words, the fight has come directly to YOU.

Now, we must urge our friends and neighbors to #VoteProLifeFirst to save babies. 

Sign up to join Students for Life Action in 2024 to stop abortion extremism at all levels of government!

Our 2024 Volunteer Opportunities

Apply to be a Students for Life Action Captain

Get an all-expenses-paid trip to Students for Life’s National Leaders Collective in Washington, D.C. this June and learn how to lobby for pro-life legislation, mobilize peers, and educate voters about where political candidates really stand on abortion.

Become a Students for Life Action Legislative Assistant

Select Pro-Life Generation leaders are eligible for a paid internship to help SFLAction save lives at state capitals!

Become a Campus Coordinator

Be the leading voice for LIFE on your campus & in your community in 2024.

Engage in Social Media Activism

Get trained and earn rewards for using your social media presence to combat misinformation and influence voters!

Start a Campaign for Abortion Free Cities

The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is our newest initiative that equips leaders with the most effective strategy and tools to eradicate abortion at the local level. Our team will provide the training and materials needed to reach your neighbors at the door and activate other pro-life voters.

Knock Doors for LIFE

Knocking doors is the single most effective way to change the hearts of voters and turn them out to vote #ProLifeFirst. Get trained and join us for a door knocking deployment near you!

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