April 2, 2024

Kamala Harris is Fighting for Environmental Justice – But Not Against Forever Chemicals from Abortion Pills

In between criticisms of Vice President Kamala Harris’ love of Venn diagrams, school buses, and elementary geography lessons, new criticism of her campaign efforts to prioritize extreme abortion have become front and center. Within a month time span, she visited an abortion facility, a vice presidential first, and is planning a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, to discuss “climate awareness” with EPA Administrator Michael Regan. 

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According to Charlotte news channel WBTV, “Harris’ upcoming visit will happen on Thursday as she discusses investments in climate action, environmental justice, and increasing access to capital throughout the country including in underserved communities.” 

Simultaneously supporting abortion and environmental causes raises concerns, particularly regarding the environmental impact of harmful “forever chemicals” from Chemical Abortion Pills.  

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has practically been screaming at the EPA (we’re looking at you, Michael Regan), to take Chemical Abortion Pills detriment to the environment seriously. Here’s what we’ve done just this year:  

  • Drafted a letter by along with SBA Pro-Life America calling on Congress to direct the EPA to conduct regular and comprehensive environmental testing for the presence of the abortion drug mifepristone in the same manner as ‘forever chemicals’ or PFAS chemicals. 
  • Submitted warning letter to EPA about the environmental harm caused by mifepristone, writing, “Students for Life of America believes one of those issues to be the continued and increased usage of Mifepristone and the various sorts of environmental harm that come as a result of its widespread usage.” 
  • Submitted amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the dangers of Chemical Abortion Pills for endangered species.  

Our educated and informed pleas to track forever chemicals from mifepristone were brushed under the rug since they didn’t fit with the Democratic agenda of abortion on demand. Even worse, the EPA is associating their name with an abortion loving politician Kamala Harris as she parades abortion and ignores its environmental concerns.   

Even more perplexing is why “woman supporting” Kamala Harris wouldn’t care about the physical and emotional issue incurred by taking these drugs. 

“I have heard stories of — and have met with women who had miscarriages in — in toilets,” said Kamala Harris during her St. Paul Minnesota abortion facility stop. “Women who were being denied emergency care because the healthcare providers there, at an emergency room, were afraid that because of the laws in their state, that they could be criminalized, sent to prison for providing healthcare.” 

Forget the fact that Minnesota codifies abortion up to nine months of pregnancy and no doctor would ever go to prison for helping a woman through a tragic miscarriage. Turns out, we care about women who tragically flush their babies down the toilet, too, and all the trauma that goes with it. Physical complications, including profuse bleedingblot clots, body shakes, nausea, diarrhea, uncontrollable sweating, fever, and chills are common symptoms. These facts are agreed upon by Biden’s FDA and Students for Life of America. Maybe Vice President Harris should take it seriously, too. 

And the emergency room visits that Kamala Harris is so concerned about increases with Chemical Abortion Pills as found by the Charlotte Lozier Institute’s recent study. 

What we find is that for any abortion, there is an increasing likelihood that they will end up in the emergency room within 30 days,” said James Studnicki, Charlotte Lozier Institute vice president and director of data analytics. “Chemical abortions are significantly more likely than surgical abortions to end up in the ER.”     

Kamala Harris’ word salad may confuse the left, right, and politically moderate, but SFLAction can read between the incoherent thoughts: Kamala Harris either doesn’t care about women or the environment or isn’t informed about the risks of Chemical Abortion. If she did, Biden’s Administration would be all over the FDA to track mifepristone.  

Maybe she should use a Venn diagram to see where abortion and the environment intersect.  

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