February 27, 2024

Kamala Harris is Unpopular Among EVERYONE, Especially Pro-Life Activists

If Vice President Kamala Harris believed she would be greeted with a warm welcome at her latest pro-abortion speaking tour in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she was sorely mistaken.  

Her approval ratings continue to plummet, and she’s receiving pushback from every angle. Her pro-abortion speaking tour has lit a fire under pro-life activists, and for good reason.  For the second time in the past month, Kamala Harris’ abortion speaking tour has been countered by Students for Life of America (SFLA) team members, as well as local students and volunteers.  

Harris’ speaking tour, “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms,” was first responded to in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in January. Local regional coordinator Shawna Weber and others who made it their mission to publicly expose the extremist views openly toted by the Biden-Harris administration.  

Last week, the vice president’s speaking tour took her to the Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a central hub for abortion facilities in a state riddled with pro-abortion laws. Local regional coordinator Ben Ice and other SFLA staff members went to work and coordinated with student groups and community leaders to counter the event.  

Some locals gathering outside the speaking tour was expected, but the number of locals and protestors gathered was not. 

As SFLA staff and volunteers gathered on the west side of the street across from the event venue, pro-Palestine protestors assembled to curse and shout at the Biden Harris administration. It turns out part of their protest was also to hurl slurs at the preborn and the pro-life gatherers, calling the latter “supporters of rape.”   

We remained resolute in our mission. Abiding by local law enforcement requests and Secret Service, SFLA, with the help of volunteers from Aquinas College and the pro-life organization, Protect Life Michigan, delivered an adequate response for the residents of Grand Rapids and the vice president.  

Pro-lifers connected with a post-abortive ministry at another church next door and gathered literature to hand to any women in need of support or counseling. With signs and a wide banner calling out extremist abortion views and a microphone to speak pro-life apologetics to the crowds and passersby, all eyes and ears couldn’t help but be drawn to the side of the street exhibiting poise, compassion, and sense when it came to defending the most vulnerable in our society.  

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the opposite side of the street.   

No locals of Grand Rapids observing the vulgar display felt comfortable approaching the pro-abortion group, as they openly defied police orders, leading to one person being taken away. One student even chose to bark like a dog. 

Yet, for all the differential views held by both groups outside Fountain Street Church, there was still one thing that everyone present had to claim as common ground: no one likes Kamala Harris. For different reasons, every side was disgusted at Vice President Harris’ presence in the city of Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan.  

Whether or not Kamala Harris would call this abysmal abortion tour stop a success, it is profoundly evident that SFLA reminded her and the radical abortion movement that our work is only getting started.

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