February 27, 2024

Two-Faced Drama King: Gavin Newsom Smears Red States with Laughable Pro-Abortion Ad


It feels like 100 years ago, but remember when Gavin Newsom defied his own orders during the pandemic for a lavish dinner party? Or recently when he cleaned up the streets of San Fransisco for leaders coming to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ summit? He frequently extends his fabricated narratives to the pro-life movement 

He’s on to his next adventure- fibbing about red states wanting to criminalize women crossing state borders for abortion. Instead of making a speech, maybe he thought running dramatized ads in red states like Tennessee would get his bogus point across better. As rumors of his presidential candidacy loom, perhaps he hopes to sway pro-abortion voters. Either way, the ad is laughably ridiculous. 

His illustration of such is a woman crying out for help while handcuffed to a hospital bed. See for yourself: 

“Trump Republicans want to criminalize young women who travel to receive the reproductive care they need,” a voice-over says. “Don’t let them hold Tennessee women hostage.”  

It’s a fake narrative concocted by Gavin Newsom to villainize his political opponents and good intentioned pro-lifers. Tennessee Republican Rep. Jason Zachary, who’s co-sponsoring the “abortion trafficking bill” in his state, sees the bill as a way to protect parental rights. Not one pro-life politician wants women chained to hospital beds or criminalized and prosecuted for seeking an abortion. If anything, there is a desire to protect women and young girls from trafficking Chemical Abortion Pills that cause severe pain and possible death. It seems like Gavin Newsom would rather virtue signal than tell the truth. 

If we want to talk about real unjust criminal cases, those on the pro-abortion side are perfectly fine with weaponizing the FACE Act to punish pro-life activists for praying, worshiping, and peacefully protesting. Some examples include:  

Newsom also has no issue with risking the lives women in his Golden State. Take a look at some of his “killer” abortion accomplishments:  

  • Asking Walgreens’ pharmacies to allow Chemical Abortion Pills or lose California’s business 
  • Ignoring the environmental concerns of Chemical Abortion Pills in California water and considering allowing his citizens to drink toilet water.  
  • Enshrining late-term abortions up to nine months under California law, risking the life of the mother and ending the life of a preborn child. 

As laughable as the ad is, some people will believe it’s true, and that’s where Students for Life Action comes in. We’ll tell the truth about abortion, abortion laws, and the politicians for or against abortion, no matter what. We can’t say the same for Newsom.