September 7, 2023

Of Course the Democrats Hated Roe – It Didn’t Go Far Enough 


“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” 


That invaluable, but sadly overlooked, perspective is critical to the future successes of the pro-life movement along with any person or the party that depends on social conservatives. As it stands, there are far too many political operatives who still try and sell the idea that compromise on the human rights issue of our day leads to political wins.  

Such a “win” is only possible if you discount humanity based on location. 

Life begins fundamentally at conception – this is a definitive, quantitative, scientific fact. All else after that reality is irrelevant, and whatever intrusions are legalized by the state are merely varying degrees of moral violation upon the dignity of human life.  

Yet, the system we inhabit has effectively legalized ending life provided it occurs before an arbitrarily defined time period – in six states presently, up to the moment of birth.Even Roe, with all its horrors as the catalyst for an end to more than 60,000,000 lives since 1973 had some room for pro-life laws. 

As SFLAction has previously reported: In fact, Roe v. Wade along with the companion case, Doe v. Bolton, allowed for abortion through all nine months, for any reason at all, and sometimes with taxpayer funding. This doesn’t mean that all abortion vendors do abortions up to birth; it means that such horrific procedures are available in the U.S.  

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, ice cream enthusiast and unbelievably successful stock trader, had every opportunity to push her party to codify Roe as it existed before the Dobbs decision. In fact, in 2009-2011 the Democrats had a strong enough majority in both the Houseand the Senateto do just that with probable secured swing votes from Biden’s favorite GOP Senate moderates Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.    


But Roe wasn’t enough for the former Speaker of the House, as SFLAction reported 

Enter the Women’s Health Protection that “includes new powers for the federal government to stop state pro-life activity and to go after people of faith who do not want to participate in a culture of death. At her weekly news conference Pelosi slapped down any negotiation over the push for more abortion. 

CNS News reports: “(A) reporter asked Speaker Pelosi, “Congresswoman Chu’s bill has passed the House before, but it continues to fail in the Senate. Are there any discussions between House leadership and Senate leadership for some sort of negotiations?” 

Pelosi replied, “What do you mean negotiations? What do you want to negotiate?” 

The reporter followed-up, “Some senators have said that this bill, Senators Murkowski and Collins, for instance, have said that Congresswoman Chu’s bill goes too far.” 

“We’re not going to negotiate a woman’s right to choose,” said Pelosi.  “Senator Murkowski [R-Alaska] and Senator Collins [R-Me.] may have their view, but it is not a view that is one about a woman’s having the right to decide. So, we’re not negotiating that, no.” 

But since the Dobbs decision, the pro-abortion Democratic Party apparatus has been working hard to make abortion permanent again. 

The Women’s Health Protection Act would allow abortions to be conducted up until birth nationwide, without any ability for the states to push back, demand taxpayer funding, and trample on the conscience rights of medical professionals.  When you add that measure to the Democrats repeated opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, their policy allows even infanticide for those born during botched abortions.  

Just ask now disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam who said that he was okay with doctors and parents ‘having a discussion’ about what to do with an ‘unwanted’ baby that is alive and has been delivered during an abortion, legalized infanticide if allowed to continue. 

Numerous Congressional committees are likewise committed to finding ways to expand access to abortion:  

  • The House Oversight and Accountability Committee  
  • The House Oversight and Reform Committee  
  • The House Energy and Commerce Committee  
  • The House Ways and Means Committee  
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee  
  • The Senate Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions Committee   
  • The Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee   

The Biden administration is likewise crawling with pro-abortion extremists, including at The Department of Health and Human Services, the US Surgeon General, the Treasury Secretary, and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, among others. The Military isn’t untouched by this madness, now offering abortion services for the first time in its history.   

But there’s more. Leftist politicians are outright telling the President of the United States to ignore the rulings of Federal Judges entirely.    

The FBI is also going after pro-life groups, Catholic organizations, and families, while they ignore crimes against Pregnancy Care Centers.   

Even individual pharmacists aren’t safe from the heavy hand of the state, being forced to violate their conscience and values, like so many others have before them on other issues.  

The actions of the government against families, medical professionals, churches, activists, and others, while using taxpayer funded government agencies and entities, gives the game away. The rapid expansion and enforcement of the most radically extreme abortion policies in the Western Worldisn’t a bug, it’s the feature.   

Safe, legal, and rare” has given way to “without restriction and without apology.”  

That is what we are up against – and the American right needs to treat their opponents with the deadly seriousness of a group that is actively looking to expand the parameters of the worst genocide that has ever occurred on America’s shores.   

They are showing you who they are in their policy, personnel, and partisanship. Believe them.