February 21, 2024

Oh No, The Abortion Lobby Might Not Have Enough Funding to Get Abortion on The Ballot Everywhere in 2024


The pro-abortion industrial complex has gladly dumped tons of cash into state and federal election races before – they flooded Virginia and Ohio with out of state cash in the November 2023 elections. Yet, according to news from Politico, the coffers might be running dry:  

“Abortion rights could be on the ballot in nearly a quarter of states this November, raising concerns among supporters about the ability to fund major campaign efforts in all of them. 

From deep-red Arkansas and Missouri to purple Arizona and Nevada, activists are already competing with each other for a limited pool of cash and auditioning for the national progressive groups they need to fund their efforts to enshrine protections in state constitutions. 

There isn’t enough for everyone, particularly as wealthy donors who have showered ballot campaigns with cash in the two years since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade now have their attention — and wallets — divided between those efforts and presidential and congressional races.” 

As the article rightly states, abortion is on the ballot in 2024 – something that the pro-abortion lobbyists and their corporate supporters aren’t shy about. It’s also the cornerstone of the Democrats’ election strategy in 2024, as evidenced by their frequent campaign pushes on this issue and their invitation of Katie Cox to the State of the Union speech in March. 


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What’s also telling is the admission by the pro-abortion lobby that Roe is simply the beginning – a position that echoes the Democrats’ view that Roe doesn’t go far enough. From the Politico article:Roe is the floor, and we are prioritizing measures that reestablish the floor. We don’t want to support policies that enable backsliding.” 

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Between the lines, however, it’s clear they’re panicking.  Quoting the Politico article: “No one’s coming to save us,” said Gennie Diaz, executive director of the group For AR People, which is leading Arkansas’ ballot measure campaign.” 

Yet, the pro-life movement is “underfunded” compared to our pro-abortion opponents for a very long time. And yet, we’ve soldiered on, fighting for every preborn life in every state possible. We recognize that our work is a marathon and not a sprint. Students for Life Action (SFLAction) President Kristan Hawkins said in November 2023 

“The pro-life movement was outspent – plain and simple. But this reality provides clarity. We’re very unlikely to ever have this kind of funding and support as we don’t have Big Tech, Hollywood, or the media on our side.  We’re the David to their Goliath – and like David, we need to use what’s around us and find our smooth stones to take on our giant.” 

The pro-abortion Goliath is panicking. They don’t think they have the money they desperately need to win. But money’s never been our biggest weapon. So, pardon our laughter in the meantime.  


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