July 15, 2022

Pro-Life Laws Are Under Attack in These States

An inescapable phrase in the news lately is “trigger bans.” Have you ever wondered what they are all about? Trigger bans (sometimes referred to as trigger laws) are state laws that prohibit abortion which were once nullified by Roe v. Wade’s fatal ruling, but now that the Supreme Court has sent the issue of abortion back to the states, these trigger bans are going into effect once again.  

Right now, 13 states have trigger bans in effect – now that Roe is out of the way, these states can limit or abolish abortion according to the wishes of their constituents. However, this isn’t happening without a fight from the abortion industry. 

Instead of picking a political fight where legislators are voted into office to uphold the view of the people, abortion interest groups seeking to circumvent voters by filing lawsuits on lawsuits to fight trigger bans.  

 This is where they are attacking pro-life laws now: 

When you hear the abortion lobby carry on about Roe getting reevaluated in court, just remember that they don’t mind COURT (since they clearly have their lawyers on speed dial), but they just don’t like losing. That’s why we’re tracking this issue closely with grassroot efforts that are fighting for pro-life laws that were already in place to remain.  

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