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Because I agree with 95% of secular biologists who have concluded that human life begins at conception, I believe all life should be protected from that very first moment. All preborn children must be protected from the violence of abortion regardless of how they came to be, if they are considered viable, or whether they are proven to feel pain. All human beings are deserving of human rights.



  • My commitment to making abortion unthinkable and unavailable, with the full knowledge that the abortion industry will simply encourage earlier and earlier abortions until we make abortion illegal from the moment a human being begins to exist.
  • To seek equal justice for the preborn, regardless of their stage of gestation or any other external factor.
  • To urge my legislators at every opportunity, and at all levels of government, to protect life at conception in law.
  • That my end goal is complete abortion abolition, consistent with my belief that preborn humans are equal to born humans from the moment of conception.
  • I will not be satisfied with only incremental measures, though I will not oppose any law that will save preborn lives.
  • That my work as a pro-life advocate is not done now that Roe v. Wade is reversed, as Roe’s reversal merely initiated 50 individual state battles over abortion.
  • To challenge my legislators to dream big, beyond 15-week abortion bans. I will encourage them to seek the strongest pro-life legislation it's possible to pass in my state.
  • To fully embrace our new Post-Roe America, by familiarizing myself with the resources available for women in my community (StandingWithYou.org) so that I am ready to help women in need.
Fetal Development - Day 1


Sperm and egg combine to create a new human being with his or her own unique DNA.

Fetal Development - Day 6


The embryo implants into the lining of the uterus, becoming dependent on the mother for nourishment.
Fetal Development - Day 15

Blood Vessels

This marks the beginning of vein formation.
Fetal Development - Day 18

Initial Brain Development

The brain is the first organ to appear.
Fetal Development - Day 24

Positive Pregnancy Test

The average woman becomes aware of her pregnancy.
Fetal Development - Week 4

Limb Buds

Arms and legs are beginning to form.
Fetal Development - Week 6


Brain waves have begun; the baby is exhibiting simple movements.
Fetal Development - Week 8

Right v. Left Handedness Emerges

The baby will begin to favor one hand over the other.
Fetal Development - Week 10

Yawning, Thumb Sucking, and Fingerprints

During this spurt in development, his or her weight will increase about 77%.
Fetal Development - Week 11

Complex Facial Expressions

The nose and lips are completely formed. The baby can now smile.
Fetal Development - Week 12


By the end of the first trimester, all major organs are formed. The baby just needs time to grow.
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    Both pre- and post-Roe v. Wade, the mission of the pro-life movement remains the same: to protect human life starting at the moment of conception.



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