The Biden Admin is very fixed on erasing women and mandating abortion. And they have honed in on a sneaky way to do it.

The Biden Administration is working to change regulations on healthcare mandates that impact abortion and transgender transitions through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). They're calling it the "Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities Rule." And these regulations have the force of law - which makes it absolutely vital to draw attention to this quiet, sneaky campaign. 

These changes promise to be very damaging to children and teens and deadly to preborn babies. They would demand that minors be given access to permanent bodily alterations with no involvement from their parents. Plus, they'll undermine the conscience rights of medical professionals who will be forced to comply.

The Key Points

  • President Biden wants to redefine sex discrimination to include gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • This change would decrease protections for pregnant and parenting women, thus posturing abortion as a more favorable option. 
  • With the change in definition of sex discrimination, they will mandate funding for all gender-related services, which, for them, includes abortion
  • As a result of erasing biological women, Title IX will also be endangered, which protects women's interests in schools. Click here to submit a separate comment regarding Title IX. 


Who Wins & Who Loses

If this HHS change is made, the big winners are Planned Parenthood & Corporate Abortion, who will be gifted a mandate that will force Americans to underwrite their abortion and gender transitioning business. Planned Parenthood has become the largest distributor of body-altering hormones, which sterilize their clients and fulfill the population control goals of eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger. Also winners would be gender bullies who can use the regulations against those who don’t share their views.

And the big losers?

Biological women whose unique protections and childbearing abilities would be downgraded and ended.
Minors who would be pressured by gender activists to throw away a part of themselves they can lose forever.
Medical professionals who could lose their livelihood if they believe changing someone’s gender or ending someone’s life by abortion is a mistake.
And the taxpayers forced to fund it all.

Biden's HHS must be stopped.


During HHS rule changes, a comment period opens. YOU can make your voice heard. Submit your comment of opposition using the form below. 


Regardless of the outcome of this Health and Human Services decision, the mission of the Pro-Life Generation presses on. We will fight for life in law. And we will abolish abortion.