April 7, 2024

Kristan Hawkins to President Donald Trump: Protect Life & Reverse Biden’s Radical Agenda, But Please Don’t Embrace a Late-Term Abortion Limit!

It’s not hyperbole to say that millions of lives could hang in the balance next week as President Donald Trump reportedly prepares to make a much-anticipated announcement next week on abortion policy. Over the last several weeks, he’s supported a federal 16-week or 15-week law (at FOUR MONTHS of pregnancy). Unfortunately, that would allow federal support for more than nine in 10 abortions to continue, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

The Pro-Life Generation keeps asking for a champion who aspires to help more mothers and their children, born and preborn.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life Action (SFLAction), appeared on Fox & Friends to speak about the hope of pro-life voters. She discussed an opinion piece she wrote in Townhall on what a pro-life agenda can look like without embracing a federal limit so late in pregnancy.


On Fox & Friends, host Rachel Campos-Duffy observed: “The last time you were on, we talked about how so many politicians don’t want to talk about this issue and stick their heads in the sand like ostriches, and you say that’s a recipe for disaster and losing … now Donald Trump is coming out with his plan this week, I’m assuming that a lot of Republicans are going to piggyback on whatever that is. I know you have put a lot of thought into policy moving forward … what do you want Donald Trump to say, and what do you think he will say?” 

Hawkins: “Well, the Democrats are really good at ending a lot of things. Ending the lives of children in the womb, security at the border, prosperity, affordable housing, cars, or food. When elected, President Donald Trump is going to have a big job to do: ending their anti-family, anti-baby, and frankly anti-American agenda. I wrote a column today in Townhall because the Pro-Life Generation does not want to see President Donald Trump embrace a later term 15-week or 16-week limit on abortion, which would allow more than 9 out of 10 abortions to continue and undermine our entire movement’s mission to ensure that all children in the womb are recognized as valuable under the law.

And it would only incite President Biden’s disillusioned base to get out and vote for him. Right now, we need all the focus to be on the abortion extremism of the Democrat Party — including people like Sen. John Fetterman, who can’t name a single limit to abortion he would support. They can’t name one abortion they disagree with.” 

Campos-Duffy: “Every single politician who gets asked about abortion should turn the questions around and say, what’s your limit? I agree with you on that, and when that happens, extremism is exposed.” 

The Fox & Friends hit extended a discussion that had started earlier that day in a Townhall opinion piece.


Hawkins echoed the great expectations that the pro-life movement on what President Donald Trump’s pro-life vision could be, as more substantial limits, like Heartbeat bills, perform just as well politically as late-term 15-week laws — though the SFLAction President urged President Donald Trump to focus on a life-affirming agenda, rather than a gestational limit.

In the op-ed, Hawkins stated: “As someone who wants Trump to win against the most radical abortion-loving administration of all time, let me explain why that is both unnecessary and a mistake.

I was and continue to be proud to support the work of President Donald Trump, as are many. The Pro-Life Generation wants a pro-life champion like President Donald Trump to win, especially considering the radical abortion policies of President Biden. But we strongly urge President Donald Trump not to endorse a federal late-term limit on abortion at 15 weeks or later. While such a late-term line would be a win in California, many states across the country have embraced the worth of both mother and child much earlier. 

… Polls, including those recently at FOX and USA Today, consistently show that support for an abortion limit at a confirmed heartbeat — the universal sign of life — or later at almost 4 months of pregnancy usually are about 2 points different, with most Americans wanting some limits on abortion. That’s hardly a sweeping endorsement for waiting so long to protect life.” 

The op-ed also laid out several tangible things that the President can do to defend life as President, including: 

  • Make critical appointments, including at the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 
  • End taxpayer support for abortion by getting the Federal Government out of the business of subsidizing the abortion industry.
  • Support mothers and young families by promoting services and support programs like an expanded Child Tax Credit.
  • Use the bully pulpit of the presidency to tell the story of life, like Ronald Reagan famously did.
  • Protect life on college campuses by directing the Department of Education to shift its focus from Chemical Abortion Pill distribution to actual EDUCATION about life-affirming options to protect babies and mothers.
  • End the viewpoint discrimination of the DOJ and end the weaponization of Federal Agencies against the pro-life movement, traditional Catholics or Christians, and pro-family groups.
  • Embrace the opposite day by using the executive powers of the presidency to undo everything that the Biden Administration has done to expand abortion — from the abuses at the Postal Service to the Federal Trade Commission and much more.

This recent media blitz is part of a more significant, ongoing effort by the Pro-Life Generation. Over the last several months, both in private and publicly, the pro-life movement has continued to engage with and encourage Mr. Trump to chart a solid pro-life position that will rally the base and ensure millions of women and babies are protected.

This has included: 

  • Requests to the President late last year to clarify statements made around Heartbeat Protection Laws, like the one that SFLAction supported in Florida, protecting significantly more babies than a 15-week abortion law — while sacrificing little to no voter popularity on the issue, according to the polls around the issue
  • Calls for the campaign to abandon the “bridge to nowhere” that 15-week and 16-week abortion laws represent in March 2024.
  • A pro-life rally in Miami in November 2023 encouraging President Donald Trump to reembrace the pro-life stances that capitulated him to the White House in 2016. 
  • Reminding the American people through campaign ads in September 2023 that Joe Biden’s Democrats are proud abortion extremists, supporting abortion through all nine months. 
  • Encouraging President Donald Trump to reconsider his approach to abortion negotiations in April 2023. 
  • Penning an op-ed in Fox News on how President Donald Trump can better approach the pro-life movement and defend life more strongly, in January 2023. 

There’s no doubt that the Pro-Life Generation continues to put its foot on the gas to ensure that President Donald Trump stakes out the most pro-life position possible, providing the strongest available protections for women and babies.
 This week, we are watching, waiting, and praying to see what the President does. 

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