August 5, 2022

Students for Life Action Calls on Indiana Legislature to Vote NO & Fix Weak Senate Bill No. 1 with Protection at Conception


“This bill is incredibly weak and inconsistent with the pro-life stance,” said Titus Folks, SFLAction Grassroots Political Coordinator. “It is an attempt to water down true pro-life protections within the state of Indiana, and pro-life Hoosier legislators must vote a decisive ‘no.’ The preborn deserve protection at conception, not this shoddy bill.” 

INDIANAPOLIS, IN and WASHINGTON, D.C. (08-05-2022) – Students for Life Action (SFLAction) is calling on pro-life Indiana legislators to vote ‘no’ on Indiana Senate Bill No. 1over its extensive weaknesses that create loopholes for pro-abortion special interest groups. While SFLAction expressed concerns over this legislation upon its introduction last week and made it clear that the bill needed to be strengthened significantly, the bill has not significantly changed since it was introduced. It still has five concerns that the pro-life movement has publicly criticized:


indiana senate bill 1


  1. In general, there are no criminal penalties for abortionists. Only in some extreme cases could abortionists face the crime of feticide or jeopardize their medical licenses.
  2. There is a wide exception for abortion for anyone who claims to be a victim of rape or incest. This exception has been limited to the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, but the requirement to sign an affidavit attesting to the circumstances has been removed. A woman just needs to verbally tell the abortionist this is the reason she’s seeking an abortion.
  3. Chemical Abortion is not adequately addressed as there are no measures to criminalize manufacturers or distributors of these pills.
  4. The bill has serious problems with enforcement. Provisions to enforce the law against rogue county and city officials were added in the Senate but removed in the House.
  5. The bill also has weak definitions that jeopardize children with potential health concerns or disabilities.

“This bill is absolutely out of touch with Indiana citizens,” said Titus Folks, SFLAction Political Coordinator,” who want real protections for preborn Hoosiers. These protections include punishments for the abortionists and the recognition that every life is valuable, no matter what happened on the night of your conception or what your projected “quality of life” will be,” according a third party who doesn’t want to be bothered to possibly help another person.


indiana senate bill 1


SFLAction is mobilizing its grassroots operations to sign on to the Indiana petition that supports Protection at Conception legislation, a flagship bill for the Pro-Life Generation.

SFLAction has long rejected discrimination and prejudice against children based on perceptions of their race, sex, abilities, or parents. We reject shaming children for things beyond their control. Society should help their mothers and prosecute rapists to the fullest extent of the law. Abortion doesn’t make rape go away, it adds to the trauma.

To that extent, creating exceptions for the preborn with fetal abnormalities is discriminatory. In Poland, Chief Justice Julia Przylebska abortions “incompatible” with the right to life and that abortion based on fetal abnormality was a “direct forbidden form of discrimination.” SFLAction agrees that allowing for such abortions to be legalized is a “eugenic practice with regard to an unborn child, thus denying it the respect and protection of human dignity.”


indiana senate bill 1


In January, The New York Times (NYT) reported an alarming 85% false-positive rate among noninvasive prenatal genetic screenings. These screenings search for rare genetic disorders which oftentimes lead to abortions due to fetal anomaly. The NYT also stated, “A 2014 study found that 6% of patients who screened positive obtained an abortion without getting another test to confirm the result.”

Governor Eric Holcomb has called a special session beginning July 25 and SFLAction is active in other states that might also take up pro-life legislation after Roe including South Carolina, Nebraska, Florida, West Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, and Mississippi.

To learn more about the Post-Roe Blueprint from Students for Life Action, read Hawkins’ op-ed at Fox titled America needs to get ready for a world after Roe or her op-ed at Newsweek titled  Forget the Kids’ Menu: The Pro-Life Movement Wants Real Policy Engagement.

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To read SFLAction’s Indiana Protection at Conception petition CLICK HERE 


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