September 9, 2020

SFL Action Announces a September National Call Day into Montana

In an attempt to stop all future state legislation that would impose common-sense restrictions on abortionists, the abortion industry has targeted Arizona. The abortion industry hopes to flip the slim pro-life majority in the state legislature to pro-abortion. 

Additionally, there are a couple of Republican senators in the state legislature who betrayed the pro-life movement and the pro-life Republican platform this fall. These folks need to be replaced by 100% pro-life elected officials on November 3rd. If you’ve never made calls to voters before, don’t worry! These calls are an easy and effective way to reach voters. We’ll give you a script and a list of who to call in our app. All you need is a computer and a phone!  

We will even train you this Saturday via Zoom video call.  

To sign up to make calls with our team, click here 

Plan on hoping on our Zoom call anytime on Saturday between 12PM and 3PM EST to get trained and chat with other volunteers about calls, best practices, and their experiences. 

If you join the Zoom call on Saturday to get trained or just check in with our team, you have a shot at winning a $25 dollar gift card! Here are the ways to qualify: 

  1. Sharing the best conversation story during our Zoom call!
  2. Sharing the best photo of you making calls on Saturday!
  3. Making the most calls!  

Again, be sure to sign up to make calls with our team by clicking here. 

Feel free to email our National Campaigns Advisor, Titus Folks, with any questions: [email protected]