June 3, 2024

A Victory for True Equality: Defeating Minnesota’s “ERA” 

“As a college student and a member of Gen Z, I can tell you wholeheartedly that this extreme, unlimited abortion agenda [in the Minnesota “ERA”] is not something my generation supports.”  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) Student Spokesperson Carrena Falls. 

GUEST Post by Carrena Falls:

Recently, in my home state of Minnesota, there was a strong, but thankfully failed, attempt by abortion extremists to pass a bill that would put a so-called “Equal Rights Amendment” on the ballot in a future election. This “ERA” is far from the ERA of the 1980s we associate with the name. Yet, this inaccurate naming was only part of the deception pushed by abortion supporters to attempt to trick Minnesotans into voting for extreme, unlimited abortion.

A core part of this legislation would include the enshrining of unlimited abortion through birth into Minnesota’s constitution. This would include abortion for minor girls without parental knowledge or consent; complete abortion anonymity, which protects sex traffickers and abusers who force abortions on their victims; revoking of pro-life healthcare workers’ conscience rights (forcing them to choose between aiding abortion or potentially losing their employment); and permanent taxpayer funding of the barbaric procedure. 

It gets worse. All of this extreme abortion policy would be hidden on the election ballot behind a prohibition on the “basis of pregnancy.” 

Why? Because bought-and-paid-for legislators know that an overwhelming majority of Minnesotans, 70%, oppose unrestricted abortion.  

Minnesota is already as extreme as it gets when it comes to abortion law, but our pro-abortion trifecta in the House, Senate, and Governor’s Office will not be satisfied until the state’s outrageous policies are made permanent.  

Thanks to the work of pro-life organizations like Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, this bill did not make it through the Senate this session. I was honored to work alongside those advocating against this bill in testifying against this egregious piece of legislation before the Minnesota House and later urging hundreds of Minnesotans to stand against it in a speech at a rally at the capitol.

We breathe a massive sigh of relief that an unlimited abortion ballot measure will not be up for a vote in Minnesota in a coming election. Still, our work in this abortion-extreme state is far from over.  

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