August 8, 2023

Abortion Radicals Attempt One-Two Punch in Ohio: First up, Protecting the Process. Second, Preserving Respect for Life in Law.


SFLAction Grassroots Team Engages as Voters Are Subjected to Misleading Messages in Ohio   

Make no mistake, ballot referendums promise ‘women’s choice,’ but are a tool often used by well-funded activists trying to force radical changes through paid-for campaigns,” said Students for Life Action’s Kristan Hawkins. “But Students for Life Action is in Ohio to say the fate of the preborn must not go to the highest bidder.    

Already, Students for Life Action students have participated in the SBA Pro-Life America effort that already involved more than 80 students knocking on more than 60,000 doors.  

SFLAction will also utilize its proven digital campaign to reach voters through personal text messages and emails, targeting more than 5,356,196 voters, or more than 65% of the roughly 8 million registered voters in Ohio.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (0808-2023)  As all eyes are on Ohio as today as the first of two ballot initiative goes before voters. Students for Life Action (SFLAction) calls for a YES vote today to protect the Ohio constitution from the currently too-easy manipulation of the state’s constitution. Today’s vote, often misreported as an abortion vote, is actually about bring Ohio’s process for changing the state’s foundation closer to other states. A second ballot initiative in November addresses Ohioan’s views on making abortion a “right” in their more permanent law.  

“Reading mainstream media, voters might think that they are voting on an abortion issue today, but in fact, Ohioans are attempting to ensure that any activist group won’t find it easy to manipulate the state’s constitution,” said Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins.  

As National Review explains today’s vote: We’ve uncovered a scheme here in the Buckeye State that amounts to the Californication of Ohio. Radical activists have figured out a way to bypass the legislative process and insert their extreme agenda directly into our state constitution. 

“Under Ohio’s current system, all that’s needed to amend our state’s governing document is to gather petitions to put an amendment on the statewide ballot, fund a dishonest ad campaign, and win a simple majority vote. Not a simple majority of Ohioans, mind you — just a bare majority of those who turn out to vote in that year’s election.” 

Hawkins called the attempt to protect Ohio’s constitution “a heroic effort to protect the process and stand up for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, fundamental to everyone.”  

With pro-life victories on the line, SFLAction has been engaging with Ohio coalitions to ensure life remains protected in law and service in a Post-Roe America.  


SFLAction at a state fair

Strategically activating the youth vote, SFLAction is working throughout the state to engage, mobilize, and convert some of America’s youngest voters who care about social issues while also representing a third of the voting bloc. SFLAction continues to target youth voters to #ProLifeFirst voters, the grassroots organization is:  

  • Educating through student influencers on social media platforms with reach to hundreds of thousands 
  • Conducting prayer calls 
  • Deploying canvassers in coalition with Ohio Right to Life and Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America 
  • Engaging in tabletop conversations at statewide events and on 25 different college campuses 
  • Training more than 200 students at Political Leadership Workshops 
  • Mobilizing student leaders for the Ohio March for Life

As previously reported by SFLAction, previous ballot initiatives prove buyer’s remorse is happening throughout the country where voters, in places such as Kansas, are getting more than they bargained for. Meaning, commonsense policies such as informed consent become tangled in the web of the abortion lobby in these referendums where women, and all voters, are sold a shallow promise.

Students for Life Action will be mobilizing and energizing the youth vote, now more than one-third of the electorate. Learn more about The Power of the Youth Vote here.

CLICK HERE to read Kristan Hawkins’ recent op-ed at Fox News entitled ‘Abortion-by-vending-machine is much worse than it sounds’ 

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