December 21, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: House Democrats Try “Sneak Attack” on State Pro-Life Laws impacting deadly Chemical Abortion Pills


“On the eve of Christmas, House Democrats try a sneak attack on children in the womb as well as on caring citizens in the 50 states who have worked to protect mothers and their preborn children from dangerous Chemical Abortion Pills,” said Students for Life Action’s Kristan Hawkins. “Students for Life Action will score this vote, holding accountable this attack on both preborn children and states’ rights.”

Students for Life Action will score the vote on H. RES. 1434

WASHINGTON D.C. (12-21-2022) – Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins called it a “despicable act” for House Democrats to launch an attack on both states’ rights as well as the preborn in adding H. RES. 1434 to the budget process underway. The measure would demand the preeminence of federal law via the FDA over “state laws that inhibit access to or use of any reproductive health product.”

“This is not only an end run around state laws, but also an effort to prop up the embattled FDA facing multiple citizen petitions as well as a lawsuit over its negligence in handling Chemical Abortion Pills. President Biden and his allies are willing to risk women’s lives as preborn lives are ended, leaving states the important work of putting human lives over abortion industry profits,” said Hawkins. “This is also a sneak attack designed to get around another Supreme Court case the Biden Administration lost this year.”



In June, the Supreme Court limited the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enact rules with the power of law unless, as NPR noted, “Congress has specifically authorized regulating in this sphere.” At the time, analysts agreed that the case could impact other agencies that have power over many Americans’ lives and businesses.

In the resolution, brought forward by Rep. Mondaire Jones, House Democrats attempt to empower the FDA to act against the voters of states that have worked to regulate Chemical Abortion Pills that can result in injury, infertility, and even death for mothers, empower abusers to act against women’s knowledge or consent, and has the capacity to harm the environment.

Even more extreme, the resolution attempts to empower an already run-away Department of Justice, currently jailing peaceful pro-life protestors, while seeming to do nothing as pro-life Americans face threats of violence.

It “affirms the authority of the Attorney General to enforce the preemptive effect of Federal laws and regulations by taking appropriate civil action on behalf of the United States against any State or political subdivision of a State that prohibits or limits access to or use of any reproductive health product.”

As SFLA notes in a citizen petition filed with the FDA this month, the agency’s willingness to risk women by reducing health and safety standards is a pattern that must be reversed.



The second petition reports: “Mifepristone carries risks of life-threatening hemorrhage, infection, continued pregnancy, retained tissue, need for emergency surgery, and death. The 2011 regimen provided significantly more protections for patients than the 2016 regimen or the 2021 regimen. FDA should restore and strengthen elements of the Mifepristone regimen and provider requirements, including limiting Mifeprex use to 49 days’ (7 weeks) gestation; requiring that Mifepristone be administered only by or under the supervision of a physically present physician; requiring three office visits by a patient who has been prescribed Mifepristone; and clarifying that Mifepristone use is contraindicated for patients who do not have convenient access to emergency medical care. The agency should restore the original Mifepristone REMS and return to limiting the dispensing of Mifepristone to patients in clinics, medical offices, and hospitals, by or under the supervision of a certified prescriber.”

Read more at: SFLA Files Second Citizen Petition to the FDA, Calling for Higher Medical Standards Protecting Mothers Taking Chemical Abortion Pills to be Restored 

  • The second Citizens’ Petition looks at how lowering medical standards during Democratic Presidents’ control of the FDA, women have been put at risk. Such standards had a role in protecting women and in preventing “patient abandonment.” 
  • The first in the series was the Students for Life Citizen Petitions sent to the FDA on Red Bag Medical Waste as a way to protect aquatic life, animals, people, and the environment from tainted blood, tissue, and human remains. “We’re calling on an environmentally concerned Congress and state legislators to support Red Bag Medical Waste disposal of tainted human remains, to protect aquatic life, endangered species, and our food supply from the deadly consequences of Chemical Abortion Pills, a clinical abortion agent and potential endocrine disruptor that even the National Institutes of Health notes can impact more than just women,” said Hawkins. 

CLICK HERE TO READ HAWKINS’ OP-ED at the National Review detailing how the pills can lead to injury, infertility, and even death to mothers as well as to the preborn.  

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