March 8, 2024

Chanel Prunier’s Op-Ed: New Hampshire Women Deserve Better than the Barbarism of Limitless Abortion

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has written about the numerous states facing abortion ballot signature collection campaigns or Constitutional amendment votes at the state legislatures for the past several months. Most recently, in New Hampshire, two separate Constitutional Amendment votes were beaten – but the consequences of them passing could’ve been profound. 

SLFAction Vice President of Political Affairs Chanel Prunier authored an op-ed published by The NH Journal, discussing how close New Hampshire came to joining the unfortunate collection of states that have nearly or totally limitless abortion – and why women deserve more choices than just abortion.

Below are excerpts from the op-ed:  


“New Hampshire may have the motto of “Live Free or Die,” but freedom at any level cannot mean the right to infringe upon another human being’s right to life. 

The truth is almost 70 percent of abortions are coerced, unwanted or inconsistent with a mothers values, according to a study from the Charlotte Lozier Institute. That same study found 60 percent of women “would have preferred to give birth” if there was more emotional and financial support. 

The Youth Vote is uncomfortable with all the abortion pushed by those who profit from it. This past January, Students for Life of America (SFLA) and the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement (IPA) released its annual survey data of youth voters, examining the political and policy views on the life issue held by this demographic which is now reportedly more than one-third of the electorate and headed toward majority status.” 


To read the op-ed in full, visit The NH Journal.