April 1, 2021

Students for Life Action is Actively Fighting Against Chemical Abortion Across the Nation

Abortion activists have been quietly building a whole new chemical abortion business model to target young women where they spend their time – online, on their phones, and at school.

Although reporting of abortions is still not required in every state, it is clear from the trends of many states that do report that chemical abortion is increasing. Of Planned Parenthood the largest perpetrator of abortion in the United States, only 44% perform surgical abortions as of May 2020, and many centers only perform chemical abortion (

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Planned Parenthood and other abortion extremists have pushed for chemical abortion pills to be provided through the mail or at a pharmacy without a pregnancy confirmation test, ultrasound, or blood test. Without these things, women are at risk of injury, infection, infertility, and even death.

By allowing No Test Abortions, the FDA has paved the way for the abortion industry to deliver death by mail. And it’s tragically fascinating that the FDA pulled a COVID vaccine after six people suffered blood clots. But when mail-delivered chemical abortions pill are linked to the deaths of more than 20 women, somehow, that’s fine?

Apparently, there is NO decency and NO medical standards at the heart of FDA decision-making. 

No medical reason exists to recklessly distribute these pills, but the abortion lobby is pushing the Biden Administration to deregulate them. They want reckless, deadly, sterilizing distribution because more pills distributed is better for their bottom line.

That’s why Students for Life Action is seeking roll call votes to ultimately pass bills to stop chemical abortion, protect the preborn and women! Students for Life Action has successfully filed bills to ban chemical abortion in Wyoming, West Virginia, Alabama, and Iowa.

Students for Life Action has also successfully filed or supported bills to stop the online distribution of chemical abortion and inform women of the dangers and the possibility of chemical abortion reversal in Montana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Indiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

Students for Life Action also worked to pass the Telemedicine Abortion Ban in Ohio on January 9, 2021, and it was planned to go into effect on April 12, 2021, before a judge placed it on hold, leading to the bill being challenged in court. Students for Life Action helped craft this legislation and several Ohio Students for Life groups sent letters to legislators in support of ensuring women would be informed that abortion pill reversal is possible! You can read the text of the letter here.

Next week, HB 171 in Montana is expected to be signed into law! Read more about our victory here.

Our sister organization, Students for Life of America with nearly 1,300 groups nationwide on high school and college campuses is also increasing programming to help pro-life students educate their peers about the dignity of the preborn from the moment of conception and the dangers of chemical abortion to women.

If you or someone you know has only taken the first dose of the chemical abortion pill, there is a reversal process that can save babies’ lives, read more at and how a baby was saved by a Students for Life group last summer.

Bills Students for Life Action is currently supporting or has worked to get introduced related to stopping chemical abortion. Students for Life Action is always working to get more involved and have a variety of ongoing efforts in other states!

WY SF0133

WV SB595

AL HB377

IA HF331

MT HB171

TX HB2337

OK SB778

OK SB779

AZ SB1457

IN HB1577

AR HB1402

KY HB460

MA HD 1451

OH SB 155

MD HB1198

LA HB 578