February 9, 2024

How Much Taxpayer Money Actually Pays for Abortion? A New Bill Demands an Answer.


Did you know that federal funds – your tax dollars – are going to abortion vendors? An Indiana Congressman wants to find how much you’re losing to abortion profiteers.  

In January, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN-3), introduced the Abortion Funding Awareness ActH.R. 7161, which would require states to report information on Medicaid payments to abortion providers that use federal funds and post it to the state’s website. Eighteen states currently allow Medicaid to pay for abortions, wasting countless tax dollars that need to be counted.

Considering that the protections of the Hyde Amendment are supposed to ensure that tax dollars are not used to pay for abortion except in cases of a child conceived in rape or incest or when a mother’s life is in danger, it’s important to understand how the money is spent.  

Rep. Banks observed, “The majority of Americans are opposed to taxpayer-funded abortion, but just this week, Democrats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned a more than 40-year-old law banning the use of Medicaid dollars for abortions. My bill would increase transparency, hold states that abuse taxpayer dollars accountable, and hopefully save unborn lives in the process.”  

Students for Life of America’s Demetree Institute for Pro-life Advancement reports that 54% of Gen Z and Gen Y voters agree that tax dollars should not be used to fund abortions. Extreme pro-abortion Democrats, along with the Biden Administration, have repeatedly attempted to insert abortion funding in all kinds of programs – from Veteran’s Affairs, HHS, Medicaid, and anything they can get their hands on.  

The Democratic Party agenda of taxpayer funded abortion through all nine-months makes bills like Rep. Banks all the more vital. Abortionists might want your money, but we don’t have to give it to them.  

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