October 10, 2023

If You Ask the Democrats, They’ll Tell You Blocking Abortion Funding for the Pentagon Is Getting People Killed in Israel


You may often hear the saying that “Twitter isn’t real life” – but it’s inhabited by real people, the most prominent of which have real power and influence. These often public figures gather in the digital marketplace of ideas to spread their opinions with all who can hear. Often this incredible reach is wasted on the theater of the absurd, with the most recent example of this verbal circus involving one of Students for Life Action’s (SFLAction) favorite Senators, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama. According to “reporting” from the Maddow Blog 

“Sen. Tommy Tuberville is not relenting from his months long blockade of military nominations over the Biden administration’s abortion policy — even in the face of one of America’s closest allies going to war. After Hamas attacked Israel, Senate Democrats said it was past time for several top-level military nominees to be approved. But a Tuberville spokesperson confirmed Sunday that the senator’s position remains. 

“Maybe the crisis in Israel will cause GOP senators to reconsider some of their tactics. But either way, the political world is overdue for a serious conversation about the routinization of procedural abuses in the Senate, and the degree to which these abuses are adversely affecting American governance.” 

As we’ve stated previously in SFLAction blogs, we’re proud of the brave stance that Senator Tuberville is taking and support it 100%. 

As for the Twitter pile-on, it warrants an explanation and rebuttal. Here are some highlights: 

Now to address this is total and utter hogwash. Any implication that Senator Tuberville is at fault for the lack of preparedness for a surprise invasion is nonsense, especially when you consider that the Senate has the authority and ability to take a floor vote on ANY military promotion or nomination – something they have done as recently as last month. By Senator Chuck Schumer’s own admission, he refused to say whether he would though he had the choice to do so. The Senate could confirm anyone they want – the Democrats have the votes on their own, even without moderate Republicans supporting them. The Senate has had at least since July this year to make confirmations. If any delay has had fatal consequences for Israel, it’s Sen. Schumer’s.  

And that’s before we even touch the absolutely dismal state of the United States military. You can’t blame Senator Tuberville for that one – or former President Trump, for that matter.

Another ridiculous swipe was also taken at the current lack of a House Speaker. Mission Democracy stated, “The House of Representatives lacks a speaker. Tommy Tuberville has a blockade on military nominations. The US does not have a confirmed Ambassador to Israel. This is the chaos MAGA Republicans want.” 

Once again, this argument completely falls apart with even a rudimentary understanding of the structure of American government.   

The head of the United States Armed Forces is the Commander in Chief – also known as the President of the United States. This position is currently occupied by an escaped nursing home patient that some people know as Joe “Big Guy” Biden, a man frequently bested by gravity that is also the proud dad of two very bad dogs and a meth head. President Biden has the authority and power to make almost any emergency military decision he chooses – and in fact, he recently exercised his Presidential power to ensure that Hamas’ largest ally and benefactor, Iran, got their $6 billion back.   

The very notion that the Speaker of the House job is empty is also a flat out lie; there’s a speaker pro tempore who holds the role and wields its powers until a new Speaker is formally elected. We know this because just last week, the media was losing their minds over Rep. Patrick McHenry using his powers as Speaker pro tempore to evict former Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her hidey-hole on Capitol Hill. Not that it matters, because the Speaker of the House has no bearing on whether the United States goes to war or not.  

Lastly, consider that Iran and Hamas have been planning this attack for weeks to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur attacks in October 1973. Does the Biden administration releasing $6 billion “fungible” dollars to the largest state sponsor of terrorism on Earth several weeks ago not throw up bigger red flags than a pro-life Senator properly utilizing Senate procedures to stall picks in a committee? 

If you asked the Democrats complaining about the principled stand of one U.S. Senator, the answer is no. But if basic research can undo your entire argument, no one should listen to them, anyways. Thankfully, Senator Tuberville hasn’t.  


To read more about how Senator Tuberville is doing what’s right to defend the lives of the preborn, and get the military to focus on its actual job, click HERE.