January 12, 2024

Indiana Introduces Legislation Restricting Chemical Abortion Drugs, Dangerous to Mothers & their Preborn Children 


“Chemical Abortion Pills can expose women to injury, infertility, death, and even abusers who use them against their victims, sometimes without their knowledge or consent,” said Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins. “These dangerous drugs cause death and misery, both to the mother and preborn children, and the people who pocket the money from their sales could care less about the harms they cause. This important legislation will seek to undo that.”  


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INDIANAPOLIS (1-09-2024) Students for Life Action (SFLActiontoday applauds the introduction of Senate Bill 217, by State Senator Mike Young, which if passed into law will heavily restrict and criminalize the distribution of dangerous chemical abortion drugs. The legislation will also:

  • Close loopholes often exploited by abortionists.
  • Prevent state healthcare plans from providing coverage for abortion inducing drugs.
  • Prohibit the state or state employees from assisting individuals if they are seeking abortions.

“We know how dangerous these pills are for the preborn – but also for the mothers they 4x the rate of injury and 10x the death rate of surgical abortions,” said Hawkins. “Mothers and their babies deserve better than this crude chemical barbarism being falsely packaged and sold as healthcare. We have prioritized ending this threat to women and babies, and Students for Life of America & SFLAction are proud to support the legislation introduced by Senator Young.”

Chemical Abortion Pills also place women at risk of injury, fertility, and NIH-published studies show that these pills pose an environmental risk. Just as recently as September 2023 in Nevada, Chemical Abortion Pills sold by a Planned Parenthood abortion vendor reportedly contributed to a young woman’s death. Abusers also use these pills to cover up the evidence of their crimes.

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SFLAction has also supported federal legislation to prevent Chemical Abortion Pills from being sold, standing with Tennessee Congressman Randy Ogles and other sponsors of The Ending Chemical Abortion Act as it was introduced into Congress.

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SFLAction has also submitted petitions to the FDA calling for:

  • Adding Red Bag Medical Waste requirements to reduce the pollution from Chemical Abortion Pills;
  • Restoring high health and safety standards (known as REMS – Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies) to protect women’s lives;
  • Completing studies and ensuring protections for endangered species; and now,
  • Requiring Protections for Water, especially recreational water, in compliance with the Clean Water Act.


CLICK HERE to read Hawkins’ Newsweek op-ed, along with two state legislators, titled Stop Dumping Medical Waste, detailing some legislative solutions underway.


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